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Leading tech that’s served millions

Our platforms are trusted by hundreds of thousands of end customers and their suppliers every day. Join them on the journey to a smart future. Whether you want out-of-the-box simplicity, or a bespoke solution tailored to your own needs and growth strategy, Procode is your tech partner.

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Tried and tested custom technology

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Intelligent Data Adapter

Making smart meter portfolios truly smart

What is a DCC Adapter? With the installed base of smart meters set to grow even further, suppliers are looking for innovative ways to improve the customer experience, while reducing their cost to serve at the same time as identifying new income streams. A DCC Adapter allows energy suppliers to connect and communicate smart meter data with the Data Communications Company (DCC).

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MHHS DIP Adapter

Revolutionise operations with data integration

Our Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Data Integration Platform (DIP) Adapter is a powerful solution designed to streamline and enhance the integration of MHHS data into your existing systems. Our cutting-edge DIP Adapter empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data and gain a competitive edge effortlessly. Get ready to revolutionise your operations with the most efficient and powerful data integration platform available.

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    Smart Datastream

    Accessing the rich stream of smart meter data

    Organisations looking to access the valuable information that flows every second from Britain’s network of more than 30 million smart meters have had to build their own connections to the Data Communications Company (DCC) backbone. We can offer our own tried and trusted connection to the DCC, giving you the opportunity to build your own innovative services to tap into this rich datastream.

    Datastream image
    Datastream image
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    Unlock energy data for any UK home

    Introducing Ecofit. With over 70 data points on 20 million UK homes, the new Procode offering provides detailed information on a property’s fabric condition, energy use, efficiency, retrofit improvements, renewable installation costs and funding eligibility. Provide bespoke insights to better understand your customers or property portfolio, and help them save money, heat, and carbon.

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    Energy Expert

    Smarter flow management to lower costs

    At the heart of any gas or electricity supplier’s business is communication, which has traditionally involved time-consuming and costly manual processes.

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    Gas Shipping Platform

    Smart, flexible automation for gas shippers

    The gas shipping sector is in a state of flux, with many company failures and geopolitical forces coming to bear. As a result, many suppliers are now looking to start shipping for themselves and want a powerful, reliable and scalable solution to their gas shipping needs.

    Gas platform screenshot
    Gas platform screenshot
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    Learn more about how our powerful platforms can help you better communicate with your customers and suppliers, help you to make smart decisions to reduce the cost to serve, increase efficiency, and grow revenues.

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    Tech & data consultancy

    Meeting your needs, now and in the future

    We know from experience that while off-the-shelf solutions work for many suppliers, there are always enhancements that are specific to each customer.

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